I’ll begin with a little about myself. I’m a fun loving girl from Suburban Mumbai and am a thrill seeker. I’ve indulged in a variety of heart racing activities such as river rafting and para gliding. But unlike other thrill junkies, I wasn’t born with this as an instinct. It developed and Essel World was at the heart of this development.

Its a good thing I’m required to write about my first thrill at Essel Wrold and not my first trip since in my case these are both vastly different. The first time I visited Essel World I was aged about 11. I remember being excited about the trip. But my experience there was horrible. I was thrown into severe nausea after my very first ride. I sulked in a corner, feeling sick, even as my cousins enjoyed themselves. I cursed my fate and concluded I was not meant for these experiences. Even though mom tried to comfort me I was utterly disappointed.

I never even thought of going to Essel World for about 6 years after that day. But a year later a group of very close friends planned a trip to Essel World. Since the entire group was in, I didn’t want to play spoilsport and decided to tag along.

The day came, we made the trip to Gorai and took the ferry. All were excited, except me since I wasn’t planning to sit on the rides anyway. My friends suggested I must try the smaller rides and I agreed. We finally reached the amusement park (almost) every kid in and around Mumbai loves so much.

The moment we entered my friends went crazy over all the rides. Riding on everything that came their way. We passed by the Thunder. Though I had the nausea episode at the back of my head I felt this one must be given a shot. My friends decided to save Thunder for the last as it was the most thrilling. They meanwhile rode all the other cool rides. I surprisingly was coping well with the smaller rides. I eventually gathered confidence for the slightly bigger ones. There was some uneasiness in bits and pieces, but didn’t last for more than 5 minutes each time. I went from ride to ride and finally found myself riding the ‘Enterprise’. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. There was dizziness for a short while but it eased off soon and I rode a couple of more times.image

We then took a break, had a light lunch and a good rest at one of the many superb restaurants within Essel World. After a while we went on the rides again. I was doing fine, in fact I was having a gala time. The day slowly passed and it was time to ride the ‘Thunder’. I found myself extremely nervous with a hint of excitement at the queue for Thunder. Our turn came and we got in. The bell rand and the ship started swaying constantly gaining pace. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the ride, in a complete upside down position. The ship then slowed down and came to a halt. I totally enjoyed the ride. I shook off the momentary uneasiness and lined up again. I felt like a conqueror! The nausea was defeated by the sheer depth of thrill.


The day ended. I returned home changed, a thrill seeker. Ever since, I have visited Essel world multiple times. I have indulged in adventure sports I mentioned earlier. All Thanks to #MyFirstThrill at Essel World :)